The Calhoun Family Letters

Publications Announcement

4"x6" Post Card TemplateThe Cornwall Historical Society is pleased to announce that access to the recently transcribed Calhoun Family Letters: Life in New England 1820-1879 is now available on-line.  Called “remarkably important” and deserving “wide recognition among scholars and students of nineteenth-century American history,” by Prof. Robert Forbes, University of Connecticut -Torrington, over 800 letters were written between members of Cornwall’s extended Calhoun family over a sixty-year period in the mid-19th C. Living across Connecticut and in New York, they shared family news and health concerns as well as commercial and financial matters in an era that saw the coming of the railroad to farming communities in New England, the Civil War and the economic hardships of its aftermath.

The Letters are on permanent loan to the Cornwall Historical society.   A hardcover compilation of the transcribed letters may be ordered from  Keyword research of the transcriptions can be made by searching Cornwall Calhoun Letters on and clicking on the images of the books.