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Ballads and Barn Dances: Cornwall’s Home Grown Music

Jam sessions, festivals and other gatherings

Lorraine Hammond at the Canaan Valley Jamboree, ca. early 1960s.

Jam session of the Northwestern Connecticut American Folk Musicians Association, 1961. Pictured are: Hazel Ransom, Dave Ransom, John Neuse, John Meyer, Claudio Buchwald, Peter Langston, Jeremy Brecher, Michael Cushman, and others.

The musicians of the 1962 Yelping Hill Folk Festival.

The International Submarine Band, featuring Gram Parsons and John Nuese, introduced a “country” element into American rock ‘n roll.


Since the 1920s, the old-time music of Northwest Connecticut has often mingled with broader national trends. Influences included sheet music, records, traveling musicians, radio, and later TV.






Lorraine teaching Rachel Gall a tune.



In recent years, Lorraine has sought to pass on the music and traditions  she grew up with as a child and pass them on in the community in which she was raised. And she has spread them to a broader community as well through her teaching, recordings, and performances.



Still the Home Grown Band.