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CROWD OF WITNESSES, by Ann Schillinger

Cornwall can boast of ten burying grounds, four of them active and all of them treasuries of our history.  All are fun to explore and some are easy to find, but the woods have overtaken others. Whether prominent and well tended or unnoticed, these graveyards share a serenity and dignity which draws those who venture onto our back pathways.  The Historical Society has records for the different sites. Local history enthusiasts and relatives often find burials on these sites impossible to identify because rough fieldstones were often used for early grave markers instead of more costly carved headstones – in some cases even wooden slabs were used.  Meanwhile for over a century, the VFW has faithfully decorated the graves of Cornwall people who fought in the nation’s wars – more every Memorial Day.

North Cornwall Cemetery Index created by C.L. Gold
Allen, Bradford, Calhoun, Cornwall, Cornwall Hollow, Great Hollow Road, Mountain Creek, Smallpox cemeteries and Town Records indexes by John Calhoun, 2013.