Swami Abhedananda Portrait Two

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Image courtesy of http://www.vedantastl.org/photo-gallery/ramakrishnas-disciples-in-the-west/12135889


At the age of 43, Swami Abhedananda opened The Vedanta Ashrama on Town Street here in Cornwall, CT. Students who journeyed to the Ashrama in 1909 would board there while they studied Vedic philosophy and yoga. The Swami Abhedananda closed the Vedanta Ashrama in 1919 and moved to California, where he found a greater number of people interested in his teachings. 




Image courtesy of Vedanta Society of St. Louis's digital photo gallery- Ramakrishna's Disciples in the West , “Swami Abhedananda Portrait Two,” Cornwall Historical Society, accessed May 23, 2019, http://www.cornwallhistoricalsociety.org/omeka/items/show/398.