T. (Thurlow) Merrill Prentice (1893-1985)

Where: Todd Hill Road

When: 1930-1985


Prentice was born in Hartford, Connecticut in 1898. Prentice studied at the Sheffield Scientific School at Yale, Columbia University, and the L’ecole de Beaux-Arts. In 1929, Prentice and fellow Yale alumnus, John Greenleaf Adams, created the architecture firm Adams & Prentice in New York. Despite the economic depression of the 1930s, Adam & Prentice maintained a strong portfolio of residential, commercial, and institutional projects. Prentice also taught architecture at Yale from 1933-1935.


Perhaps most importantly for Cornwall, Prentice attended the Hotchkiss School, where he became friends with Cornwall’s Jack Calhoun, and where he met his future wife, Dodie Machado. Prentice purchased a home on Lake Road during the 1930s, and it has remained in his family ever since. Prentice, one may argue, never left Cornwall. During his time with his New York firm, Prentice also designed the Cornwall Consolidated School, which opened in 1940.


Adams & Prentice was dissolved in 1941. Returning to Connecticut, Prentice joined the Hartford-based firm of Ebbets, Frid and Prentice. Prentice remained a partner with this firm until his retirement in 1965, which was by then called Frid, Prentice & Fergus.


In the years before his death in 1985, Prentice designed the building behind Town Hall that houses various additional town offices, several Cornwall homes, and the Van Santvoord Dormitory at Hotchkiss School.


T. (Thurlow) Merrill Prentice (1893-1985)