Robert Morton Terrall (1914-2009)

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Where: Near Cornwall Bridge

When: about 1954-2009 (with some time in Sharon and Salisbury)

Terrall was born in Neihart, Montana. During his childhood his family moved to Oregon and then Ohio. Terrall studied at Harvard where he graduated in 1936 and then took a position with TIME Magazine before World War II. During World War II Terrall served with the 65th Infantry Division.

After the war Terrall returned to the United States and began writing short pieces of fiction for magazines such as The Saturday Evening Post and Collier’s. Terrall’s first book, titled They Deal in Death, was published in 1943 and was followed by many others after the war. During the 1960s Terrall was so prolific he was publishing under three different pseudonyms, Robert Kyle, John Gonzales, and Davis Dresser. Over his lifetime he wrote over 50 books and though Wrap it in Flags, was Terrall’s last book to be published, he continued to actively write after its publication in 1986. Terrall died at Noble Horizon’s in Salisbury, Connecticut in 2009.




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Robert Morton Terrall (1914-2009)