Vincenzo Rondinone (1905 -1952)

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Where: Great Hollow Road

When: 1919-1942


Rondinone was born in Italy in 1905, and came to America when he was 17. He worked with family in New York City until 1929, when he answered a newspaper advertisement for a potter in Cornwall, Connecticut.


Charlotte Hunniwell Martin loved Rondinone’s pottery and quickly hired him to be the resident potter at her estate. Rondinone created all of the pots for the estate and pieces for Martin to give her guests. Rondinone called his pottery Narrow Valley, and by the late 1930’s his work was being featured in such New York magazines as House Beautiful.


Rondinone continued to work in Cornwall until the late 1940s. His poor health led to an early death in 1952.






Image from the Collection of the Cornwall Historical Society

Vincenzo Rondinone (1905 -1952)