J. Lawrence Pool (1906-2004)

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Where: Cherry Hill Road

When: 1982-2004


J. Lawrence Pool was born in New York City on August 23, 1906. The son of a surgeon, he also went on to study medicine at Harvard and Columbia. Pool served his residencies in New York, and also opened a private practice in the city before World War II. During the war, he served as a major in an army hospital unit performing operations on soldiers in North Africa, Italy, and France. Upon his return to New York in 1946, Pool reopened his private practice and soon accepted a position at Columbia. From 1949-1972, he served as the Professor and Chairman of the Department of Neurological Surgery. Renowned in the field of neurology, he contributed landmark work in such areas as paraplegia, psychosurgery, and microsurgery, and wrote numerous professional articles.


Pool’s interests outside of medicine were many. He crossed the Atlantic under sail, won the U.S. National Amateur Squash Racquets title, in 1929 and 1930, and earned a pilot’s license. After retirement his wide ranging energy focused on painting and writing. He was a watercolorist and depicted familiar landmarks in Cornwall. He published thirteen books, eleven of which were focused on history, including America’s Valley Forges and Valley Furnaces, about Litchfield County’s iron industry. He regularly submitted articles and poetry to his friends and to local publications. In addition he played bridge and was an avid fly fisherman. He passed away in May 2004.



Image courtesy of The Society of Neurosurgical Surgeons

J. Lawrence Pool (1906-2004)