Clarence Paul (C.P.) Meier (1897- 1976)

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Where: Pine Street

When: 1954-1976 


Meier, born in New Jersey, is well known for his off-color comics and mural paintings. No information exists about either his education or training in art, but he did join the army in World War I. Upon his return home, according to the 1920 census, he was a cartoonist. Meier had a cartoon strip called Willie Ikandoit, which ran in 1928 for approximately three months. According to census listings, Meier vacillated between the professions of accountant and cartoonist. In 1930, Meier seems to have become an interior decorator, traveling around New England painting murals in buildings, updating interior decorations, designing ballrooms for debutantes, and specialized in designing home bars, for those wealthy enough to  have one, during prohibition.


Through the 1940s Meier was a commercial artist with a second home in Woodbury. Meier came to Cornwall in 1953 and became the Cornwall postmaster in 1959.  While in Cornwall, Meier painted Cornwall scenes and stories on his living room wall, the Cornwall post office, and the National Iron Bank, among others. Meier died in Cornwall in 1976.




Image from the Collection of the Cornwall Historical Society

Clarence Paul (C.P.) Meier (1897- 1976)