Elizabeth (City) Hubbard Lansing (1911-2002)

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Where: Brewsster Farm (now Hedgerows) and School Street

When: growing up, 1979-2002


Lansing was born in Providence, Rhode Island and came to Cornwall as a baby. As a young woman she studied at Simmons College, where she graduated with a degree in Library Science in 1933. Lansing went on to sign with Thomas Y. Crowell Publishers and write over 45 books during the course of her career.


During the 1940s and ‘50s, in addition to raising a family, Lansing wrote the majority of the books that she would publish during her lifetime. Lansing’s chapter books often featured female main characters whose roles caused them to lead lives out of the ordinary for women of that time. During this time Lansing was so prolific that her editor had her write under four different names.


In the 1960s, Lansing became an instructor at the Famous Writer’s School in Westport, which she held until 1976. She then took a position at the Institute for Children’s Literature at Redding Ridge, which she held until her death. Lansing died in Cornwall in 2002.





Image courtesy of  Lisa Lansing Simont

Elizabeth (City) Hubbard Lansing (1911-2002)