Marion (Ponsonby Gause) Canby, a.k.a. Lady Canby (1885-1974)

Where: Yelping Hill

When: 1922-1974


Canby, known as Lady Canby, was born in Wilmington, Delaware and graduated from Miss Webb’s School. In 1907 she married Henry Seidel Canby, a Yale professor, author, and editor.


Canby was a poet whose two collections were High Mowing and On My Way. She also contributed poetry to The New Yorker. Canby is credited with the idea of founding Yelping Hill and is quoted as saying,


“Couldn’t we find a few wild acres somewhere and share expenses and responsibilities? We would want something personal yet allowably different for each family-could individual living be attained in communal conditions?”


By 1921 a tract of land in Cornwall, known as Yelping Hill, had been purchased and construction of seasonal cottages for the founding families soon followed.


Canby described herself and the other founding women of Yelping Hill as “not old fashioned, nor up-to-date show-offs either. We also did things in the outside world, as well as enjoy our families.” Canby died in Kent in 1974. 

Marion (Ponsonby Gause) Canby, a.k.a. Lady Canby (1885-1974)