Montgomery Hare (1911-1998)

Where: Popple Swamp Road

When: 1940-1998


Montgomery Hare was born in New York City and studied at Yale University. After graduating in 1933, Hare worked in a number of disciplines, including reporter, playwright, producer, poet, and painter.


In the 1940s Hare wrote and directed plays for the Barter Theatre in Abingdon, Virginia. He was also active with the Parsons Theatre and the Penobscot Charitable Trust during that time. Hare also published several books of poetry including To Beat the Air: Poems and Drawings (1964), Three Eagles (1954), and Say This of Me (1981), as well as novels and memoirs.


From 1940 on Hare lived in Cornwall, Connecticut, where he helped revitalize the Housatonic Valley Association with several friends. In his work with the Association, Hare was a leader in the preservation of many tracts of land along the Housatonic River. He collected DDT residue samples from brooks in Cornwall during the 1950s as part of a study that eventually led to restrictions in the use of DDT.  Hare was also very involved with First Church of Christ Congregational Church in Cornwall, teaching Sunday school and directing the annual Christmas pageant. Hare died in Cornwall in 1998.

Montgomery Hare (1911-1998)