James Thomas Flexner (1908-2003)

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Where: Scoville Road

When: 1970-1980


Flexner was born in Manhattan and studied at Harvard. After graduation in 1929, Flexner took a position as a reporter with the New York Herald Tribune. In 1931 he left reporting to be an executive secretary for the New York City Department of Health, where he remained for a year before quitting to concentrate on writing.


Flexner went on to write 29 books in his lifetime, including George Washington, Anguish and Farewell 1793-1799, which was mostly written in Cornwall, and for which he won a Pulitzer Prize and a National Book Award. Flexner is also known for his biographies of John Singleton Copley, Alexander Hamilton, and William Henry Welch. He co-wrote the book on Welch with his father. He died in New York City in 2003.








Image courtesy of Wikimedia

James Thomas Flexner (1908-2003)