Arlington (Dutch) M. Yutzler (1911-1995)

Where: Taradiddle Lane

When: 1911-1995


Yutzler, known locally as Dutch, was born in Cornwall in 1911. He took art lessons with George Baer as a young man, which spurred him on to study art.


Yutzler’s father ran the local grocery store in the building across from Barbara Farnsworth’s book business, near the West Cornwall covered bridge. He graduated from Canaan High School, now known as Housatonic Valley Regional High School or Region 1, commuting daily by railroad. He went away to study art, but responsibilities for the family grocery kept pulling him back to West Cornwall. He assumed full responsibility for the store when his brother Carl was drafted during World War II (Yutzler was disqualified from service due to a heart murmur) and his father died. Yutzler married late (Myrtle was originally from Chicago) and had no children.


Although skilled as a draftsman, e.g. his works of the North Cornwall Church and the West Cornwall Station, Yutzler is remembered today for his individual and group portraits of local people. A number of these still grace Cornwall’s public buildings, the most prominent being the large painting of Blacksmith “Grandpa” Oliver and a child that hangs in the Selectman’s Office.

Arlington (Dutch) M. Yutzler (1911-1995)