Dorothy (Graffe) Van Doren (1896-1993)

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Where: Cornwall Hollow

When: 1923-1993


Doren was born in California and grew up in New York. She graduated from Barnard College in 1918 and went on to work as an editor at The Nation.


Although she married Mark Van Doren in 1922, she continued to work. During World War II Van Doren served as the head of the English desk at the United States Office of War Information. She also published eight books in her lifetime. After a visit to her brother-in-law Carl Van Doren’s home in Cornwall during the 1920s, Van Doren and her husband purchased a home of their own in Cornwall, where they lived during summers, and lived full time after her husband’s retirement.


Van Doren’s life in Cornwall is chronicled in some of her books. As a resident of Cornwall, Van Doren served on the school board and would often participate in local activities, such as baking for the Woman’s Society fundraiser. Van Doren died in Sharon in 1993.   




Image from the Collection of the Cornwall Historical Society

Dorothy (Graffe) Van Doren (1896-1993)