Lee Wilson Dodd (1879-1933)

Where: Yelping Hill

When: 1922-1933


Dodd was born in Franklin, Pennsylvania, and grew up in New York City. Dodd studied at the Sheffield Scientific School at Yale until 1899, and then at New York Law School through 1902.


Dodd practiced law in New York for about five years before deciding to become a writer. Dodd’s first play, The Return of Eve, was staged in 1908 at the Shubert Theater in New York. He also wrote Speed, which premiered in 1911. In addition to writing many plays, Dodd wrote short stories for magazines, miscellaneous poems, and a children’s book, The Sly Giraffe. Dodd is perhaps most well-known for his play The Changelings, a Comedy, produced by Henry Miller. Before leaving his law career, Dodd published a book of poems titled A Modern Alchemist. In 1907 Dodd married Marion Roberts Canby, sister of Henry Seidel Canby.


In the early 1920s Dodd, with his wife, and five other families founded Yelping Hill in Cornwall, Connecticut.


After leaving law to write, Dodd also lectured at Smith College, taught literature at St. Lawrence University, and was an assistant professor of playwriting at Yale. Dodd was expected to be promoted in 1933 to a full professorship at Yale, but died in New York before his promotion.


Lee Wilson Dodd (1879-1933)