Rene Theophile de Quelin (1854-1932)


Where: East Street

When: 1908 -1930


De Quelin was born in Brittany, France and came to the United States around 1880. He worked in a variety of locations, most notably St. Gaudens National Park in Cornish, New Hampshire and the Louis Comfort Tiffany studio in New York City.


De Quelin’s preferred media were metal and watercolor. His metal work includes a bronze medal commemorating John Charles Fremont, which is held at the Smithsonian. At the Louis Comfort Tiffany Studios, he was the head designer from 1895-1922. During this period De Quelin also maintained a home in Cornwall.


He lived on East Street, where during the summers he had an artist colony. He lectured several times at the Cornwall Men’s Club before becoming a member in 1911, and also hosted an annual art school in West Cornwall. The exact location of his art school is not known, but it may have been across the bridge in Sharon.


From 1897-1925 De Quelin maintained studios not just in Cornwall but also in Japan, California, Chicago, and New York. He died in California in 1932.



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Rene Theophile de Quelin (1854-1932)