M.I. (Mary Isabel Shorer) Cake (1913-2011)

Where: Yelping Hill

When: 1947-2011


Cake was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and studied history at Swarthmore College, where she graduated in 1935. She married Walter Cake in 1938, and they moved to Farmington after World War II.


In 1947, the Cakes began summering at Yelping Hill in Cornwall. When she was in her sixties she re-imagined herself as an artist, and changed her name from Mary Isabel to M.I. Cake. Involved in many organizations throughout her life, at the age of 72 Cake returned to school to study art at the Hartford Art School. Through her study she became interested in photo collages, a process of merging disconnected images into a new compelling whole.  The remarkable range of M.I.’s interest are reflected in the names of her collage series: Measuring Time; Geography of Imagination; Air Born. She had numerous group and solo exhibitions. 

M.I. (Mary Isabel Shorer) Cake (1913-2011)