John Bunyan Bristol (1826-1909)

Where: Housatonic River

When: early 1870s, 1879, sporadically from 1880-1900


Bristol was primarily self-taught. He lived in New York and painted in the second Hudson River School style, though he often traveled and painted around New England.


He won medals and awards at the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia, where he exhibited in 1876; the Paris Expo in 1889; and the Pan-American Expo in Buffalo, N.Y, in 1901. Bristol also exhibited at the National Academy of Design from 1858-1900, where he was named an Associate Academician in 1860 and became a member in 1875. He was a member of the Century Association from 1873-1909. Bristol died in New York in 1909.

John Bunyan Bristol (1826-1909)