Charles Besozzi (1904-1997)

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Where: Dark Entry

When: 1945-1997


Besozzi, known for his historical folk art oil paintings, grew up in Torrington, Connecticut. During World War II he worked in a factory in Bantam, where he met his future wife. After his marriage, Besozzi moved to his wife’s hometown of Cornwall, where they quickly started a family.


While he was living in Cornwall, Besozzi decided he would like to try oil painting. Entirely self- taught, Besozzi, started with landscapes and eventually painted historical topics.


Besozzi, who loved children, spent the remainder of his years living with his family, at one point three generations, in Cornwall. Besozzi died in 1997.







Image Courtesy of the Besozzi Family

Charles Besozzi (1904-1997)