William Ward Beecher (1921-2006)


Where: The Foote house on rt. 4, South Road, and Bolton Hill Road

When: 1967-2006


Beecher was born and grew up in Brooklyn, New York. After graduating from school he joined the army. Though he had never had any formal art training, Beecher entered an art contest while he was stationed in London during the war and won. His success gave him the confidence to pursue painting as a career. Beecher worked in New York upon returning from the war. Beecher became known for his striking luminism and trompe l’oeil oil paintings.


After he was married and had children, he bought a summer country home in Pennsylvania in 1957. Ten years later, he rented a home in Cornwall and in 1968 he purchased a home atop a hill in Cornwall. According to Beecher his most productive years of painting occurred in that location.


When his mother-in-law became ill, his wife purchased a home in Cornwall Village, where she remained until her death in 1993. When Beecher’s wife died, he lived in the Cornwall Village home until his death in 2006.




Image courtesy of sites.google.com/site/williamwardbeecher/

William Ward Beecher (1921-2006)