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This exhibit explored Cornwall as a creative community from the late 19 th century through the late 20 th century through paintings, photographs, artifacts, and oral histories. The exhibit will also explored how Cornwall maintained a sense of self and community with the influx of many cultural producers, such as Lewis Gannett and James Thurber, during the 20th century and its influence on these creators of culture and artistic trends in America.

This exhibit ran from June 25th through October 31st.

This exhibit and related programs were generously funded by the Buchanan Fund through The Community Foundation of Northwest Connecticut, National Iron Bank, and Torrington Savings Bank.


Made in Cornwall


This exhibit is the online version of our 2017 annual exhibit Made in Cornwall, which explored the history of industry in Cornwall and surrounding communities, and 20th-century factors which led to the closure of most of the region’s industrial enterprises. It also aimed to encourage visitors to consider present and future industry in rural communities.

Foreign Mission School Bicentennial Commemoration Exhibit



FMS's Mission Statement:

“Designed, as it is, to fit young persons who come to this favored land, from amidst the

darkness and corruptions and miseries of paganism, to be sent back, to their respective nations

with the blessings of civilized and Christianized society; with the useful sciences and arts; with

the purifying light of salvation; with the elevating hopes of immortality; the relative importance

and eventual utility of this infant seminary can hardly be too highly estimated.”

The Panoplist,

Vol. XIII, Nov., 1817, p.339-340