1740 to 1847

Legal and Societal Restrictions

Early Education for Women


1848 to 1867

Women's Rights Movement

Westward Expansion


1868 to 1920

Women's Rights Movement

Higher Education

New Careers

Suffrage Movement


1921 to 2013

Women in Politics

Women Professionals


World War II

Women's Rights Since 1960





Share Your Stories


Cornwall Historical Society


Share Your Stories


Is there someone missing from our online exhibit?

Do you have additional information about the women included in this history?

We welcome information about Cornwall women. If you have photographs, diaries, letters, or other memorabilia to share with us, please call the Cornwall Historical Society at 860-672-0505 or send us an email. You may also write to us at Cornwall Historical Society, P.O. Box 115, Cornwall, CT 06753.

Hikers enjoying a picnic on top of Taradiddle Mountain, circa 1910. (Collection of Cornwall Historical Society)


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