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Ballads and Barn Dances:

The Homegrown Music of Cornwall

The Cornwall Historical Society will present the opening of an exhibit
telling the story of Cornwall’s homegrown music on July 6 at 5 at Cornwall Historical Society 7 Pine Street, Cornwall Village.

Many of the photos, instruments, and memorabilia presented in the exhibit reflect the stories of Lorraine Choiniere Hammond, nationally-known folksinger, teacher, and songwriter, who grew up in Cornwall amid its ballad singing, fiddle playing, and square dances–some even in the Covered Bridge! Lorraine returned to Cornwall to interview and record the musicians she had known as a child and has helped pass the music on in the Cornwall community–our well-known “Still, The Homegrown Band” was inspired by her Cornwall homecoming performances.

The exhibit will include a mandolin played by Cornwall twins Pat and Biddie Bierce; the story and recordings of Oscar Degreenia, who sang old ballads from the British Isles passed down in his family; and unique homemade instruments invented by Cornwall’s Tim Prentice.

Activities associated with the exhibit will include:

August 11 4:00 pm: “Big Little Kids Dance” contradance at Cornwall Town Hall, hosted by Still, the Homegrown Band

August 11, 7:00 to 9:00 pm: Evening Jam Session featuring Cornwall songs and songwriters and open mike at Cornwall Town Hall

August 12, 2:00 pm: Concert with Lorraine and her husband, guitarist Bennett Hammond at Cornwall Town Hall featuring songs of Oscar Degreenia and other homegrown Cornwall musicians, and songs about Cornwall written by Lorraine Hammond

The concert will be followed by an open sing, led by Lorraine and Bennett